Performing at the event will be the incredible and incomparable TUNEYARDS,
ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS (w/o the amethysts), and MUSSAVER!



I'm having a show of prints at Le Zigoto Cafe on Jan 23rd. Come out!


If ever anything deserved a "WTF", this is it:

Sorry if this disturbs you to your core, it has to be shared...


This breaks my heart in so many ways that I'm having trouble deciphering what it is exactly that gets me.. And then I'm laughing... But laughing in that nervous way that subjects in the Milgram Experiment laughed... I'm not sure why. Or if it is appropriate. It feels inappropriate. It feels WRONG. And then the terrible rendition of the already-terrible Aerosmith song from the terrible movie Armageddon tugging desperately at your heart strings...

Oh my. I think this is life-changing.



the acorn, ohbijou, bellisle nov28

Too... Tired... To write something...

Must... take... epic nap.

What color scheme should I use when I color it?
Tell me what you think.


cookieface & triangle

I'm thinking of whipping together a bunch of drawings like these

so I can actually have a zine for this year's Expozine, coming up Nov 29 and 30 in Montreal.

Not sure though. Is it just because I have some kind of evil sickness that kept me up all night that I like these?



Haven't been making too much lately.

The weeks before hallowe'en involved lots of practicing with superfossilpower, and other than that I haven't been making much that I can shooowww.

but here is this:

I donno.



This is a demo that I'm making for my new project superfossilpower, with Katherine Peacock.
Check out our myspace page.

Let me know how it makes you feeeeeel.


lymbyc systym, this will destroy you, this quiet army

This is my new favorite color scheme. What do you think of it?

Hallowe'en EP

Don't forget to download last year's free Hallowe'en EP.

eye pain posters! yip yip, wax attic, half baked also young widows, metz, sylvie

Two more seizure-inducing posters.

This has the potential to be an awesome show.

1)yip yip, wax attic, half baked:

To understand my inspiration for this poster, just check out this Yip Yip video:

2)young widows, metz, sylvie:


Julie Doiron, Chad Van Gaalen, Women in Colour

This poster was by far the most popular at this year's Puces Pop, the annual craft fair that happens during the Pop Montreal music festival.


Does the banana make you uncomfortable?


Julie Doiron, Chad Van Gaalen, Women BnW

Someone's bike parked outside of Cagibi while I was having an organic soda beverage.

I'm going to colour this poster, but it won't be done for a while.


fossils and atavisms

A significantly higher quality video can be downloaded, or streamed here. (I recommend watching that rather than the Youtube version)

I made this video yesterday. It is the first time I've ever made a video.

Lesson learned: Thin black lines on a white background, and vice versa, do not show up well on Youtube.

Most of the footage is either from the 3DVCE or Critters software, both use Darwinian evolution to create virtual life forms.

The rest of the footage is either stock, or I stole it.

The mp3 can be downloaded here.


Virtual creature evolution!

Lately I'm obsessed with evolutionary biology, and the mechanisms of evolution in general. My interest got sparked by taking part in the debates on Youtube between creationists/intelligent design proponents and those who accept evolution.

I found this set of videos of creatures that were virtually evolved by Lee Graham, who attends the School of Computer Science, Carleton University in Ottawa.

I was inspired to help him out with his research, and donate some CPU time for evolving virtual creatures. This is the first one that I've evolved: